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1 On James William Foster's obituary it lists Mazie as a surviving sister (age 64 in 1938). On John Elwood Foster's pension application he lists 6 children, 4 are girls: Josephine, Wilhelmina, Mary and Annie. I have assumed Mazie and Mary aree same ???

School census 1880: East or West Pikeland Twp., Chester County - Soldier's Orphan School, Chester Springs, Pa. under name of Sep. J. Tustin ?

Mazie had no children (per Mildred Foster)

1900 census taken 6/18/1900: found a Mary C Foster, age 26, single, servant in home of Wilmer, Sallie Cox and family in Willistown Twp. Born in Pa. Father and Mother shown as born in NY? I now have copy of this census.

1910 not with Cox family.

1910 census taken 4/28/1910 found a May C Foster, age 55. However, poor legibility, could be Mary C Foster, age 35. Listed as "matron" and living at Chester Springs Soldiers Orphan School, West Pikeland Twp., Chester Co. See marriage 8/6/1910 which confirms this entry.

8/16/1910 marriage application/license: born 4/3/1875 (was using date from father's pension papers). She is white, domestic, never married, living in Chester Springs, Pa. Marriage to Samuel E. Rankin. Dale reviewed actual form - residence Malvern.

1920 census taken 1/21/1920, Philadelphia Ward 40, has A Samuel E Rankin, age 33 And a Mary F, age 36 (?), both born in Pa, both fathers born in Pa, his mother born in Ireland. Samuel is a bookkeeper for an Insurance Co, nothing shown for Mary. Can't be sure if it's them.. Marriage certificate confirms this entry.

1930 census: looked for them in Philadelphia Ward 40. Searched pages 180-300 and could not find, still more pages in Ward. It's 10 years later, they probably moved. A fellow genealogist found them at 2516 S. Shields St., Philadelphia (Ward 40). She is shown as Mary. Parents born in Pa. I have copy of census.

1940 census listed as Mary F Rankin, age 58 (1882 ?)

4/27/1942 shown as Mary F. Rankin on Sam's WWII registration.

5/26/1944 death certificate (on file) - informant Samuel Rankin, date of birth shown as 4/3/1880 (not using since mother died in 1879), has John Foster as father and born in Pa. Mother not listed.

Per cousin Jack Giberson 8/20/2006: "I did know an Uncle Sam that might have been Mazie's husband. He owned an umbrella shop in Germantown and gave me one when I was a kid. I'm not sure if that was Mazie's husband."

06/07 listing found prepared by Anna Hiestand Foster has birthdate as 4/3/1874 and date of death as 5/26/1944 and name as Mary C. Foster. 
Foster, Mary C (I0034)
2 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1191)
3 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I4585)
4 !910 census has him listed as Allen Freed Jr (Allen L Freed) , father ia Allen A Freed?

!920 census: living at 135 3rd St. Telford. Owned store - retail merchant 
Freed, Allen Landis (I2280)
5 "History of Freed Family" that I copied from Internet has Allen as son with Katie as wife.

per my Mother: Katie born as a Freed actually married a Freed (no relation). 
Freed, Katie M (I0081)
6 "History of the Freed Family": Arrived in Phila. 0n 8/1/1747 with parents. He could be the Heinrich Fiett/Friedt who arrived that day on the Bilander Vernon from Rotterdam via Leith, Scotland.
He is named guardian of Peter Freed, born 1777, son of Jacob Fried (his brother).
Arrived in York County by 1787.
Peter Freed (1777) is one of the executors of his estate in 1817.
Peter Freed (1777) dies in 1854. Father's name listed as Henry However, it does appear that he was actually the son of Jacob. 
Friedt, Henry (I0516)
7 "History of the Freed Family": son of Peter Friedt. At age 54 left for America on 6/6/1747 with wife Catherine and son Heinrich (could be Henry). They likely arrived 8/1/1747 in Philadelphia.

Original grant from Penn on 10/28/1766.
deed transaction 1767 to Henry Friedt, son. Sold in 1768.
deed transaction 1767 to Jacob Friedt, son. Jacob & Elizabeth Friedt in 1769 sold to Abraham Friedt. In 1771 Abraham and Maria sold a portion and then the balance in 1803.
deed transaction 1768 to Peter Friedt, son. Sold in 1770 2 acres (?) for the erection of a church and schoolhouse and use as a burial ground to trustees of the Lutheran and Reformed congregation of Lehigh, Moore and Allen Twps. Sold balance in 1774.

removed a John Freed from list of children, born about 1730? 
Friedt, Paulus (I0522)
8 "The Hunsbergers" has pages (copy) containing pages about Hiestand family and 4 children.

1880 census shows Isaac (55) and Mary (44) in Green Lane, Pa. with 6 childen (?). Susan, age 30, servant and Harry, age 20, telegraph operator. Maybe they were a niece and nephew? Susan too old for daughter. 
Hiestand, Isaac Cassell (I0037)
9 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I4517)
10 06/07 listing from Anna Hiestand Foster has date of birth 3/10/1934 and death as 3/31/1934. Giberson, Kathryn Ann (I1097)
11 06/08 There is a Norman L Reed, 234 W. Vine St., Fleetwood, Pa. 19522, 610-944-7029 - our man? No, Dale called him on telephone. He was born 1921, son of Harry Reed, wife into genealogy.

1930 census age 2 living at home.

on file, a newspaper article found at Google by searching "norman reed"+"west chester": A Norman Reed, age 12, West Chester was killed in an automobile accident. Sounds like our Norman. Also killed was Richard Harman, age 15. Dale Rubinkam tells me that Richard Harman is a cousin to Norman and lives close to him. This pretty much confirms that it is our Norman.

Dale sent me a copy of two newspaper articles on the accident and pictures of Norman and his cousin Richard.The article confirms that they were cousins. Some portions of articles cut off.

3 more articles received from Dale, containing missing portions above.
Reed, Norman Leroy Jr (I4523)
12 07/08 Lainie provided data on her brothers and sisters but nothing on Katie? Funk, Katie (I3823)
13 09//05/08 Copy of marriage certificate received from Lainie.Changed year of birth based on certificate. Funk, Martha (I0026)
14 09/28/2011 - per Joan via Eleanor - Gail and mother, Rose in a terrible car accident (date?). Rose still in hospital and Gail was on life support and died.

1/29/2012 found report of accident from a Havertown newspaper, dated 9/15/2011 (copy on file). 
Metzger, Gail (I0270)
15 1/12/1920 census; listed as 10 years old. Hollinger, Allen G (I4141)
16 1/18/2011 obituary, Times Herald. Also had 2 stepdaughters, 6 grandchildren. Predeceased by 3 brothers and 3 sisters. Fredrick, Alice (I5032)
17 1/29/2012 Eleanor Slough had a call from Gregory Metzger about death. In Google, found name of funeral home - Glenwood Memorial Gardens but no additional information. Metzger, George Hocker (I0177)
18 1/3/2005 obituary on file. 6 grandchildren, 10 great and 1 great great granddaughter. McClure, Jesse B (I4466)
19 1/5/1920 - He is on the census, age 1/12.
1930 census - not listed. He may have died? 
Kalbach, Morton J (I4151)
20 1/7/2012 obituary on file.A partner with her husband: Chester C Davis and Son Auction Gallery. Hoffman, Minnie Pearl (I0152)
21 10/13/2004 obituary - survived by 2 step-sisters Alverda Moyer and Shirley Swartz and her husband Charles of Souderton - sisters in FTM but connection in question.

Also, in obituary - preceded in death by five half brothers: George and Willard Fosbenner and Arthur, Norman and Clayton Freed and half sister Esther Troyer - listed in FTM but connection in question. 
Freed, Paul D (I2524)
22 10/3/2011 per John Herr's obituary. There are 2 grandchildren of Jeanenne listed (parent ?): Josiah and Bryant Blackwelder. Stuart, Jeanene D (I4895)
23 10/3/2011 per obituary of John Herr - Angela is companion to Rodney Blakely. Vera, Angela (I5059)
24 10/3/2011 see obituary on file, surviving siblings Jean, Betty and Kenneth.

10/8/2011 per notice at memorial service "entered into rest" 10/3/2011 Lawrenceville, Ga. 
Herr, John Arthur (I0159)
25 10/4/2006 Dale sent me a picture of Wayne

6/2/2007 another picture, Dale said taken about 1954. He was probably 5' 11" as an adult.

rootsweb Foster-Hageman has child listed "living Maltese" 
Foster, Wayne Lindley (I3984)
26 11/06/06 per James Russell Young. Drove double decker bus in Philadelphia. Had a son who was a semi-pro boxer. JRY thinks there may have been a second child.

11/23/06 per Mildred Foster. There were 2 sons by Gertie when William married her. Mildred (born 1910) thinks they were teenagers when she met them, doesn't remember how old she was at the time.

1900 census living at home with parents and 2 brothers.

1910 census (4/18/1910) there is a William F Young, age 20 in Collegeville, appears to be a border. Can't be sure it is him, he is actually 18 at this time.

1920 census can't find in Phila. or Montgomery Co.

1930 census (have copy):age 40, age at marriage 27, Motorman street railway.

1940 census: Reese St. Phila. Pa listed as William Young, wife Gertrude, stepson James Fairman

4/27/1942 have copy of WWII registration card.Birthdate 1/23/1892 in Hatfield. Shows address, confirms wife's name. 5' 11" and 190 lbs., brown hair, blue eyes, age 50..

1950 city directory: William F Young, 4114 R. Reese St, Phila

SSDI index has a Williiam Young, born 6/23/1892 and died 5/1972, last residence Royersford, Pa., ss# 163-01-9529. Residence? 
Young, William Fosbenner (I0041)
27 11/26/2012 Obituary in Times Herald. Tolson, Albert R (I0281)
28 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I4150)
29 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I4157)
30 12/31/1906 son Clyde's birth from Phila birth index (free), mother listed as G. Statton (maiden name?)

Gertie was Bill's first wife but her second husband. She had 2 boys (about my Mother's age)

1910 census (4/19/1910): First marriage, age 28 (1882?), parents born in Pa. married 6 years.

1920 census: can't find a Gertrude Young in Phila.

1930 census (4/19/1930): age 44 (1886?), married at age 31 (Young or Fairman?), parents born in Pa.

1940 census: age 57 
(Fairman), Gertrude (I0105)
31 1800 - 1962 Ohio birth and christening index ( has a Carrie M Moody born in Phoenixville 10/7/1888 to parents Daniel N Moody and mother Ellen Wandrew (who is she?)

1900 census - living with aunt Sarah May Kirkpatrick Garner

1908 Delaware marriage records, Carrie and Edwin. Parents listed as Daniel and Bertha.

1926 NJ city directory, listed as widow of Edwin 
Moody, Carrie May (I5372)
32 1810 census: Tyrone Twp, Fayette Co, Pa
1820 census: Franklin Twp.
1830, 1840, 1850 census: Bullskin Twp
1860 census: living with son Henry, age 77 
Freed, Henry (I1380)
33 1810, 1820, 1830 census: North Sewickley Twp, Beaver Co, Pa. Also, Jacob and Elizabeth in 1860 census.
children? Samuel 1795, Peter 1797 may be his sons. 
Fried, Jacob (I1378)
34 1850 census - age 94, living with daughter Sarah Black, Alexander (I4748)
35 1850 census - head of house with 2 sons at home.

1860 - head of house with James at home 
Curdin, Mary (I3348)
36 1850 census - only wife and 2 sons listed. Could be ok, indications are he remarried in 1840. Justice, Jacob (I3969)
37 1850 census at home with mother and brother

1860 census age 40, wife not shown, living with a Lawrence family 
Justice, Jacob P (I0564)
38 1850 census has him living with father Henry Freed Freed, Elias (I1410)
39 1850 census not listed, only William and John.

1860 census at home, listed as Robert Foster, 11, 1849(?)

1870 census - listed as Robert Osbourn, age 23. At home, parents Ted and Mary, siblings William, Theadore and Lavinia. See Mary's notes for questionable info.

1880 census - still at home of Theadore Foster and step mother Mary (?), listed as Robert Foster, 33, spar maker. A second look at census shows him as "son" (where did step-mother come from?) 
Foster, Robert Osbourn (I4261)
40 1850 census: living in Franconia, no children listed. Freed, Aaron H (I2452)
41 1860 census (per Dale): There is a Jane Black, 1840, seamstress, West Deer, Allegheny Co. Pa. daughter of Benjamin (48) and Rachel Black (36). Siblings in 1860: Margaret 1842, Mary Agness 1844, Alexander 1846 and Robert Love 1853. Is this our Jane?

see notes: if this is our Jane, additional data is available for the mother Rachel Love Black. Also, Jane Black and Margaret Black are mentioned in the minutes dated 6/20/1860 of Deer Creek United Presbyterian Church in West Deer Twp. They were "admitted to the privileges of the church".

1850 census: all but Robert are listed, Rachel is 30, Mary Agness listed as Mary A., Alexander as Alexr.

1860 census listed as 20 years old

1870 census: found Margaret (28) as head of household and siblings Mary and Robert (not Jane), still in West Deer Twp. (see notes).

******* The above lead provided by Dale. Could John Elwood Foster, returning from the Civil War, ended up in West Deer, and then moved back to the Philadelphia area with this Jane Black? Is the fact that her father's name was Benjamin just a coincidence since she named first son Banjamin?******

1860 census on 6/23/1860 has a Jane Black, age 16, domestic, born in Pa. living in Oxford, Bensalem Twp., Bucks Co. Also, in Plain, Madison Twp., Perry Co. a Jane Black, age 15, born in Pa. Could one of these be our Jane?

1860 census 6/12/1860 found a James B Black, a merchant in Phila. age 25. This house has Elizu 21, Sarah 16 and Jane 14. Also, Rebecca 50. Can't find this Jane on index, only with James B.

1870 Census (age 27) homemaker in Phila. with John and son Benjamin, age 2. Head of household was James Laird (49) with wife Wilhelmina (49).

Newspaper article 7/11/1879: "A sad and sudden death - This morning Coroner Loar was notified of the sudden death of Mrs. Jane Foster, living with her husband, John Foster, in the tenant house of William Williams, Willistown Twp. The coroner at once proceded to the spot and summoned a jury of inquest consisting of the following named gentlemen: T.P. Apple, William Williams, R.P. Henderson, Samuel S. Yarnell, Amos Garrett and Wilmer B. Cox. From the evidence it appears that Mrs. Foster has been afflicted with asthma, and last evening had a severe attack of the complaint. Her husband stated that about two o'clock this morning his wife complained of feeling very badly and asked him to let her lay her head on his shoulder, which he did, and she said she felt easier. He fell into a doze again, and on awakening at 4 o'clock found his night clothes saturated with something wet, which on close examination he found to be blood, and his wife still lying on his shoulder, but cold in death. The poor woman leaves a family of six small children to mourn her loss."

1879 Newspaper obituary: "Foster - In Willistown Twp. on the 11th of July, Jane Foster, wife of John Foster". 
Black, Jane (I0033)
42 1860 census - 5 children at home

1870 census daughter Margaret is head of household with siblings Mary and Robert at home 
Black, Benjamin (I4740)
43 1860 census - age 19, at home ward 18, Northeast Division

7/11/1870 census has him (age 30), carpenter, living at home with parents and Lavinia, 13 and Theodore, 6, carpenter. Ward 18, district 55, Philadelphia.

1880 census, cannot find. Not with parents.

1880 census found a William A. Foster,36, born 1844 in Penna., hardware store, Annie W. Foster, 35. children: Robert 11, Katie 8, Edwin 6, Bertha 3. Residence Kensington, Phila. See next entry, looks like same family - my William? Doubtful - mother and father born in England.

!880 info provided by a Michael Shelmet (6/9/13) (via William Adley Foster, born July 1840 in Philadelphia. Parents born in England, married Annie Watson Harvey in 1865, lived in Phila. until at least, 1900. By 1910 living in Worceste, Pa.Thinks he died in 1931. Children listed as Annie W. 1862-1866, William A. 1865-1867, Robert 1869-?, Katie 1871-1882, Edwin 1874-?, Bertha 1876-?, Richard Bennett Sr. 1880-? (this is my 2nd great grandfather) buried in Laurel Hill cemetery along with wife and children (see "Carreno-Shelmet Family Tree" info at

1900 census found a William A. Foster, born 7/1840 age 59, storekeeper, married to Anna M. (looks like a W) Foster, born 10/1844, age 55. She had 5 children, 3 living. Married 39 years, 1861. Son, Richard B. Foster, 19, and his parents born in England, her parents born in Pa. Residence ward 33, Philadelphia. Doubtful that this is "my" William, no indication that he was married in 1861, living at home with parents in 1870.

U.S. and International Marriage Records 1560-1900: William A. Foster (1840) to Anna W. Harvey (1844), both born in Pa. Married 1865.Doubtful, living at home with parents in 1870?

** Had the following info on Richard B. Foster and Annie W. Foster before I removed them from my file.**

Richard: 1900 census living at home in Phila (ward 33), born 1/1882
WWI draft registration card: born 1/11/1883 with wife Mary E. Foster
1920 census: age 36, with wife Mary E. age 34 in Phila (ward 45) with daughter Thelma A. age 16 and son Richard B. age 12
1930 census: age 46 and Mary 44 with daughter Thelma 24, son not here. Address 3634 Frankford Av. Phila.
1940 census - cannot find. However, did find son Richard B. Foster, now 33 (1907) living at this address 3634 Frankford Av. Phila. Wife Margaret 33, Richard 13, Joan 10, Diane 2.
(Joan is Michael Shelmet's grandmother)

Annie: Phila. Pa. death index 1803-1915 has an Annie Watson Foster, born 1844 in Phila. died 5/24/1911 in Phila. buried S. Laurel Cemetery, Phila. Address at death 3111 Kensington Av. Phila (25rh ward), married. Father John C. Harvey and mother Anne Elisa Harvey. See notes on husband - makes this questionable. 
Foster, William A (I4259)
44 1860 census age 2 (1858)

1880 census at home, age 23, works in shoe factory

1900 census, age 42, married to Washington Perks, mother Mary A Foster here, daughter Martie J. Rockwell here, also Harry Perks - Washington's brother and Washington's son George.

1910 census, age 51, George, Edward and Martha here.

1920 census Edward and Martha (step daughter) at home

1930 census not shown, Washington listed as widower

Rootsweb "Perks archives" has her born in 1862. Using marriage and death data. 
Foster, Lavinia M (I4262)
45 1860 census found an Abilgail, age 38 (1822) living alone?

1880 census - could not find. However, son Benjamin living with Straughn family. 
Straughn, Abigail (I0566)
46 1860 census has her age as 16 (1844)

1870 census at home

1900 census living with brother Robert and his family.

1910 census - still with brother Robert (age 66)

1920 census age 76, now with nephew Chester 
Black, Mary Agness (I4743)
47 1860 census: also in household, Catherine Scheetz, 34, born in Pa. Hocker, George Washington (I3869)
48 1870 census - Margaret is head of household with siblings Mary and Robert at home Black, Margaret (I4742)
49 1870 census 5 children at home, no spouse listed, widower?

1880 census at home Evalina, Emma, Washington, Harry, Willie and Richard. Also here Nettie Elmer, 21, servant 
Perks, Richard (I4719)
50 1870 census age shown as 31.

1900 census age 63, widow, had 4 children, 3 living, Deborah still at home. 
Atkinson, Lydia M (I3350)

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